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RendrFX, Inc.

Create and enhance your videos with motion graphics. Our easy, affordable online platform enables everyone to make unique videos using video designs. With everything from an intro maker ( to a slideshow with music ( there is something for everyone to use!


RendrFX is a start up based in Erie, Pennsylvania. We incorporated in July 2015, however inventor Mat Silva has been developing the underlying technology for years, and is thrilled to watch his metaphorical fourth baby start to crawl.

Mat Silva envisioned RendrFX during his stint in video production. He used to create video templates and sell them on stock sites, however he often had individual businesses reach out and ask him to customize the template with their content. Many hours of frustrating back-and-forth later, Mat said enough is enough and ventured out to create a faster, more affordable, and efficient platform for high quality video creation. And so RendrFX was born!

We are very excited to enable businesses to create videos with ease and affordability like never before, to help advertising and marketing agencies scale their clients' online video presence, and to create a new, fair community for motion graphics artists to sell their work. World, welcome to our vision!



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