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5106 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15224


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Bunker Projects

Bunker Projects is a non-profit artist residency and experimental gallery that serves as a platform for emerging artists to develop their practice and create new works for exhibition. By providing an immersive live/work space alongside intimate cultural programming, we foster a spirit of innovative support, connecting artists with Pittsburgh’s active and growing community.


Bunker Projects is a non-profit, artist-lead residency and gallery space in Garfield. We exist to provide a supportive environment where art and life come together through art-making and relationship-building. Our mission is to cultivate the growth of early career artists to make authentic and groundbreaking artwork to share with people in Pittsburgh. We believe that contemporary art making is a deeply intimate and communal process made more vibrant by a diverse community of participants that span artistic medium, gender, race and discourse. In an open minded, dynamic and supportive setting, artists and viewers are capable of dealing with the stunning and complex aspects of life--in this space we can find deeply enriching emotional and intellectual experiences that stay with us.



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